2020 – Poster Session

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Presenter Name Poster Title
Emma Accorsi Determinants of Staphylococcus aureus carriage in the developing infant nasal microbiome

Emma K. Accorsi, Eric A. Franzosa, Tiffany Hsu, Regina Joice Cordy, Ayala Maayan-Metzger, Hanaa Jaber,
Aylana Reiss-Mandel, Casey DuLong, Marc Lipsitch, Gili Regev-Yochay, Curtis Huttenhower

Nicole Altomare Changes in intestinal gene expression in antibiotic-treated NOD mice

Nicole Altomare, Xue-Song Zhang, Martin J. Blaser

Aline Alves de Santana Effect of the Moro and Pera orange juice intake on gut microbiota composition in obese individuals

Santana A.A,  Santos K.G,  Kovacs C, Magnoni C.D., Thomatielli-Santos R.V, Hassimotto N.M.A, Lajolo F

Sena Bae Discovery of new bioactive microbial metabolites in inflammatory bowel disease

Sena Bae, Amrisha Bhosle, Eunyoung Chun, Yancong Zhang, Julian Avila-Pacheco, Jessica K. Lang, Kathryn G. Rosinski, Clary Clish, Ramnik Xavier, Hera Vlamakis, Eric A. Franzosa, Curtis Huttenhower, Wendy Garrett

Amrisha Bhosle Prioritization and annotation of novel bioactive small molecules from the microbiome

Amrisha Bhosle, Sena Bae, Yancong Zhang, Eunyoung Chun, Julian Avila-Pacheco, Clary Clish, Ramnik Xavier, Hera Vlamakis, Eric A. Franzosa, Wendy S.Garrett, Curtis Huttenhower

Caitlin Brennan Modulation of the intestinal immune cell compartment by Fusobacterium nucleatum in mice with a minimal complexity microbiota

Caitlin A. Brennan, Sydney L. Lavoie, Jessica K. Lang, Kathryn G. Rosinski, Slater L. Clay, Wendy S. Garrett

Tobyn Branck Diet-linked dynamics of metagenomes and metatranscriptomes

Tobyn A. Branck, Jason Lloyd-Price, Long H. Nguyen, Dong D. Wong, Mingyang Song, Yin Cao, Wenjie Ma, David Drew, Raaj S. Metha, Cesar Arze, Galeb Abu-Ali, Himel Mallick, Gholamali Rahnavard, Yan Yan, Amit D. Joshi, Kerry Ivey, Jacques Izard, Wendy S. Garrett, Eric Rimm, Andrew T. Chan, Curtis Huttenhower

Eunyoung Chun SCFA-sensing receptor Ffar2 regulates group 3 innate lymphoid cells and gut immunity

Eunyoung Chun, Sydney Lavoie, Diogo Fonseca-Pereira, Sena Bae, Monia Michaud, Graeme L. Fraser, Jonathan N. Glickman, Brian T. Layden, Wendy S. Garrett

Eric Franzosa The landscape of novel lateral gene transfer events in the human microbiome

Eric A. Franzosa, Tiffany Y. Hsu, Dennis Wong, Chengwei Luo, Robert G. Beiko, Morgan Langille, Curtis Huttenhower

Jennifer Lee The Anti-Diabetic Effects of Palmitic Acid Hydroxy Stearic Acid (PAHSA) Lipids are Transmissible by Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) in Mice

Jennifer Lee, Kerry Wellenstein, Barbara B. Kahn

Chengchen (Cherry) Li The Microbiome Collection Core at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Chengchen Li, Jeremy E. Wilkinson, Curtis Huttenhower

Wodan Ling Microbiome differential abundance analysis by zero-inflated quantile rank-score based test

Wodan Ling, Michael C. Wu

Siyuan Ma A Hierarchical Model for Microbial Community Structure

Siyuan Ma, Boyu Ren, Eric A. Franzosa, Lucas Janson, Curtis Huttenhower

Wenjie Ma Dietary fiber intake, gut microbiome, and chronic systemic inflammation

Wenjie Ma, Long H. Nguyen, Mingyang Song, Daniel D. Wang, Eric Franzosa, Yin Cao, Amit Joshi, David A. Drew, Raaj Mehta, Kerry Ivey, Jacques Izard, Wendy Garrett, Eric B. Rimm, Curtis Huttenhower, Andrew T. Chan

Camila Guazzelli Marques Effects of endurance exercise on mood state and serotonin levels after thirty days of probiotic supplementation: a pilot study

Marques CG, Tavares-Silva, Tonelli L., Lemos VA, Caris AV, Santos SA, Ravacci GR, Thometieli-Santos RV

Edgar Tavares-Silva Effects of 30 days Probiotic Supplementation on Monocytes function after a Marathon Race. A randomized, double-blind-placebo study

Edgar Tavares-Silva, Geovana S F Leite, Helena A P Batatinha, Ayane S Resende, Antônio H Lancha Junior, José C R Neto3, Ronaldo V Thomatieli-Santos

Kelsey Thompson Inflammatory arthritis and the gut microbiome

Kelsey N Thompson, Kevin S Bonham, Nicholas E Ilott, Lilian H Lam, Paula Colmenero, Andrew Filer, Sam J Bullers, Matthew A Jackson, India Brough, Chelsea M Regan, Stephen P Young, Arthur G Pratt, Paul Bowness, Dan R Littman, Karim Raza, Fiona Powrie, Curtis Huttenhower

Aaron Walsh Distinct Actions of the Fermented Beverage Kefir on Host Behaviour, Immunity and Microbiome Gut-Brain Modules in the Mouse

Aaron M. Walsh, Marcel van de Wouw, Fiona Crispie, Lucas van Leuven, Joshua M. Lyte, Marcus Boehme, Gerard Clarke, Timothy G. Dinan, John F. Cryan, Paul D. Cotter

Lea Wang Characterizing microbial community viability using propidium monoazide

Lea Wang, Yan Yan, Kelsey N. Thompson, Sena Bae, Jiaxian Shen, Hera Vlamakis, Erica M. Hartman, Curtis Huttenhower

Jeremy Wilkinson The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Microbiome Analysis Core: Advancing Microbiome Research

Jeremy E. Wilkinson, Lauren J. McIver, Kelsey N. Thompson, Chengchen Li, Curtis Huttenhower

Yan Yan Identifying strain-specific functional genes with colorectal cancer

Yan Yan, Andrew M. Thomas, Eric A. Franzosa, Long H. Nguyen, Tobyn Branck, Nicola Segata, Andrew T. Chan, Wendy S. Garrett, Curtis Huttenhower

Yue (Sandra) Yin Antibiotic-Induced Perturbations of the Gut Microbiota Alter IlealMicroRNA Expression Profiles in Non-Obese Diabetic Mice

Yue Sandra Yin, Xue-Song Zhang, Martin J. Blaser

Yue (Sandra) Yin  Deletion of Serum Amyloid A Increases Weight Gain in Mice

Yue Sandra Yin, Martin J. Blaser

Meifan Zhang The role of the microbiota in neutralizing trypsin activity in a mouse model of Type 1 diabetes

Meifan Zhang, Xue-song Zhang ,Yue (Sandra) Yin, Martin J. Blaser

Yancong Zhang Identifying Novel Bioactive Microbial Gene Products in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Yancong Zhang, Eric A. Franzosa, Sena Bae, Lauren Mclver, Gholamali Rahnavard, Cesar Arze, Damian R. Plichita, Ayshwarya Subramanian, Wendy S. Garrett, Andy Krueger, Hera Vlamakis, Ramnik J. Xavier, Curtis Huttenhower