Partnering with the HCMPH

Partnership Opportunities

The Center maintains a variety of active industry partnerships and academic collaborations. Industry partnerships include the opportunity to participate in external advisory input, sponsored research projects, and to leverage HCMPH facilities including the BIOM-Mass microbiome biobank and specimen collection platform. Academic collaborations include participation in HCMPH activities within the Chan School, throughout Harvard, the Boston life sciences community, nationally, and internationally.

The Harvard Chan School’s Unique Capacity to Maximize Scientific Value

Microbiome research at the Center is uniquely positioned at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health to leverage cross-disciplinary strengths, unparalleled research infrastructure, cutting-edge capabilities, and scientific expertise to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery and maximize advancements in the microbiome research space.

The Center is supported by by the Harvard Chan Office of Research Strategy and Development. Please contact us if interested in partnership opportunities.