Partnering with the HCMPH

Partnership Opportunities

Microbiome research at the HCMPH is uniquely positioned at Harvard Chan School of Public Health to leverage cross-disciplinary strengths in nutrition, epidemiology, cancer biology, immunology, data science, and beyond. Paired with unparalleled research infrastructure and facilities, we are uniquely positioned to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery and maximize advancements in the microbiome research space.


Industry Partnerships

The HCMPH is actively involved with several industry partnerships, providing microbiome collection and analysis infrastructure, training, and access to clinical cohort samples for various projects of interest. We are always looking to expand our sponsored research projects, partner with biotech and pharma companies exploring the microbiome space, and extend the reach of our facilities and research tools. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about potential partnership opportunities.


Philanthropic Donations

We would be happy to discuss areas of potential synergy with foundations interested in sponsoring microbiome research efforts. Please get in touch with us!


Academic Collaborations

We welcome new academic collaborators who want to work together to tackle exciting new microbiome projects. We also work with academic groups from around the world through our facilities including the Harvard Chan Microbiome Collection Core and Analysis Core. Please contact us for more information.


The Center is supported by the Harvard Chan Office of Research Strategy and Development.