Poster Session 2024

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Presenter Name Poster Title

Mirae Baichoo


Understanding role of diet on microbiome injury and patient outcome for hospitalized Allo-HCT patients.

Anqi Dai, Mirae Baichoo, William Jogia, Teng Fei, Nicholas Waters, Madhumitha Rangesa, Anna Ballweg, Sukanya Sahu, Jonas Schluter, Marcel RM van den Brink, Jonathan U Peled

Amrisha Bhosle Response of the gut microbiome and metabolome to dietary fiber in healthy dogs

Amrisha Bhosle, Matthew I. Jackson, Aaron Walsh, Eric A. Franzosa, Curtis Huttenhower, Dayakar V. Badri

Marina Chen Host-Childcare Microbiome Interactions Highlighted by Using Long Read Sequencing

Marina Chen, Ya Wang, Kelsey N. Thompson, Jeremy E. Wilkinson, Jacob Nearing, David C. Christiani, Eric A. Franzosa, John D. Spengler, Curtis Huttenhower

Slater L. Clay Acetoacetate alters the colonic microbiota, expands intra-tumoral MAIT cells and inhibits colorectal cancer

Slater L. Clay, Sena Bae, Geicho Nakatsu1,2, Diogo Fonseca-Pereira1,2, Monia Michaud1,2, Meghan MacDonald1,2, Jonathan N. Glickman3, and Wendy S. Garrett1,2


Teng Fei


FLORAL: Scalable Log-ratio Lasso Regression Enhances Microbial Feature Selection

Teng Fei, Tyler Funnel, Nicholas Waters, Sandeep Raj, Marcel van den Brink,

Adele Gabba Development of a structurally-defined polymer platform to boost humoral immunity against non-peptidic antigens by T cell priming

Adele Gabba, Valerie Lensch, Chae Rin Kim, Laura L. Kiessling

Amit K. Gandhi Structural biology-based approaches in understanding CEACAM1 oligomerization and binding with microbial ligands

Amit K. Gandhi, Zhen-Yu J. Sun, Yu-Hwa Huang, Richard S. Blumberg.
Isabella M. Goodchild-Michelman Probiotic-induced functional alterations in the gut microbiome of preterm infants

Isabella M. Goodchild-Michelman, Shirin Moossavi, Emily Mercer, Belal Alshaikh, Luis Murguia Favela, James Kellner, Thierry Lacaze-Masmonteil, Laura Sycuro, Hussein Zein, Leonora Hendson, Thomas A. Tompkins, Marie-Claire Arrieta, Ali R. Zomorrodi 

Yordan Hodzhev Terpenoid Synthesis and Antigen Initiation: Microbial Contributions to Inflammatory and Oncogenic Processes in the Lungs

Yordan Hodzhev, Borislava Tsafarova, Vladimir Tolchkov, Vania Youroukova, Silvia Ivanova, Dimitar Kostadinov, Nikolay Yanev, Mariya Nacheva-Sokolova, Stefan Tsonev, Maya Zhelyazkova, Stefan Panaiotov

Michael James The Analytical Chemistry Core at Harvard Medical School

Michael James

Jordan Jensen Integrating reference- and assembly-based methods for improved viral identification from metagenomes, metatranscriptomes, and viromes

Jordan Jensen, Ya Wang, Moreno Zolfo, Philipp C. Münch, Nicola Segata, Eric A. Franzosa, Curtis Huttenhower

Taylor Lander Comparative Analysis of Skin Microbiome in Pancreatic Cancer Patients, Individuals with Other Cancers, and Cancer-Free Controls: A Pilot Study

Taylor Davis, Katherine Decker, Dana Hosseini, Gayle Jameson, Erkut Borazanci

Steven Medina The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Microbiome Collection Core

Steven Medina, Curtis Huttenhower

Zhendong Mei A Cross-Cohort Multi-Omics Study of Diet, Gut Microbiome, and Metabolomics in Type 2 Diabetes

Zhendong Mei, Amrisha Bhosle, Fenglei Wang, Danyue Dong, Jacob T. Nearing, Qibin Qi, Robert D. Burk, Robert C. Kaplan, Curtis Huttenhower, Dong D Wang

Xochitl C. Morgan The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Microbiome Analysis Core

Xochitl C. Morgan, Lauren J. McIver, Thomas Kuntz, Curtis Huttenhower
Jacob T. Nearing Capturing Primer-Specific Ambiguity in Taxonomic Classification for Amplicon Sequencing

Jacob T. Nearing, Kelsey N. Thompson, Artemis S. Louyakis, Amrisha Bhosle, Tobyn Branck, Dayakar V. Badri, Eric A. Franzosa, Christoph Brockel, Curtis Huttenhower, Meghan I. Short

William Nickols 

Refining and extending generalized multivariate linear models for meta-omic discovery with MaAsLin 3

William A. Nickols, Jacob T. Nearing, Kelsey N. Thompson, Curtis Huttenhower

Ana Nogal Mapping the Gut Microbiome signature along the colorectal adenoma-carcinoma continuum

Ana Nogal, Kelsey N Thompson, Kai Wang, Mengxi Du, Yujia Lu, Eric B. Rimm, Wendy S. Garrett, Andrew T. Chan, Curtis Huttenhower, Mingyang Song

Alican Özkan Modulation of Acute Radiation Syndrome in Human Intestine by Gut Microbiome and a Probiotic Revealed using Organ Chips

Alican Özkan, Arash Naziripour, Thomas Mathiassen, Nina LoGrande, Viktor Horvath, David Breault, Girija Goyal, and Donald E. Ingber

Yabdiel A. Ramos-Valerio The Effect of Sodium Butyrate on the Cell Viability of Triple-Negative Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Yabdiel A. Ramos-Valerio, Mikaela A. Ríos-Colón, Josue Pérez-Santiago, and Esther A. Peterson-Peguero

Rezaul Karim Ripon Seafood intake and Community Drinking water supply is related to PFAS Exposure and its Reproductive Cancer outcomes: Epidemiological perspective from NHNAES 2010-2018

Rezaul Karim Ripon

Utkarsh Sharma New ultrasensitive assay to measure host immune profile from feces

Utkarsh Sharma, Stephanie J Zhang, David R Walt, Travis E Gibson

Jiaxian Shen
Concurrent and habitual diet differentially associate with microbial Multi-omic Profiles in Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD)

Jiaxian Shen, Etienne Nzabarushimana, Hanseul Kim, Hannah VanEvery, Yiqing Wang, Kelsey N. Thompson, Andrew T. Chan, Curtis Huttenhower, Long H. Nguyen

Ya Wang Using housekeeping gene cpn60 as a marker for microbial community profiling and viability assessment

Ya Wang, Kelsey N. Thompson, Sagun Maharjan, Marina Chen,  Meghan I. Short, Yancong Zhang, Jacob Nearing, Eric A. Franzosa, Curtis Huttenhower

Yin Yuan Gut-derived lipopolysaccharide: Tthe initiator of the Cytokine storms in acture-on-chronic liver failure

Yin Yuan, Xiaolin Li and Shuo Ni

Yancong Zhang Response of the gut microbiome to acute enteric pathogen infection and antibiotic treatment

Yancong Zhang, Sagun Maharjan, Jane M. Michalski, Taylor K.S. Richter, Wilbur H. Chen, Anup Mahurkar, Eric A. Franzosa, Curtis Huttenhower, David A. Rasko