Harvard T.H. Chan Microbiome Collection Core


The provision of HCMCC services is concentrated around the following aims:

Microbiome Sample Collection Kit

The HCMCC kit avoids the need for expensive, bulky, and inconvenient ice packs by providing several different room temperature storage media that are also compatible with multiple different molecular assays including any combination of amplicon (16S), metagenomic, metatranscriptomic, and metabolomics sequencing.

The kit further includes a culture-compatible sample using anaerobic media that yields live microbes for culture or gnotobiotic, as well as user-friendly instructions and standardized questionnaires to capture recent medications, diet, and oral and gastrointestinal health status.

Contact us , or email hcmcc@hsph.harvard.edu for consultations, service requests, or to discuss a collaboration.


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