Harvard T.H. Chan Microbiome Analysis Core


We look forward to working with you!

Please be as descriptive as possible in the survey below. Include information such as, but not limited to:
– Experimental design of project including number of samples and comparisons wanted in downstream analysis
– Type of microbial sequence data (amplicon [16S/ITS] or shotgun metagenomics)
– Do you or will you have any metabolite / SCFA / inflammatory or immune markers / clinical or environmental measurements / etc. that you want to associate with the microbiome data?
– Has the data been generated, is in the process of being generated, or is scheduled to be generated yet or do you need assistance / consulting with wet lab processes?
– Is this for a grant proposal or an already funded project? If for a grant, which grant and when is your deadline? If for a funded project, what is the end of the budget period / needed turnaround time?


Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Microbiome Analysis Core
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