Poster Session 2023

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Presenter Name Poster Title

Amanda Adams


Bacteria-virus interactions in the vaginal microbiome reduce herpes virus infectivity

Amanda Adams, Smita Gopinath


Amrisha Bhosle


Response of the gut microbiome and metabolome to dietary fiber in healthy dogs

Amrisha Bhosle, Matthew I. Jackson, Aaron Walsh, Eric A. Franzosa, Curtis Huttenhower, Dayakar V. Badri


Tobyn Branck


A comprehensive profile of the companion animal gut microbiome integrating reference-based and reference-free methods 

Tobyn Branck, Zhiji Hu, William A. Nickols, Aaron M. Walsh, Amrisha Bhosle, Meghan I. Short, Jacob Nearing, Artemis Louyakis, Dayakar V. Badri, Christoph Brockel, Kelsey N. Thompson, Curtis Huttenhower


Ivan Duran


Using machine learning and multi-omics longitudinal microbiome data for the early prediction of disease development

Ivan Duran, Arnav Srivastava, Maureen M. Leonard, Alessio Fasano, Ali R. Zomorrodi


Haley Gause


Cross-kingdom Interactions between
Candida albicans and Enterococcus faecalis in the Gut MicrobiomeHaley Gause, UCSF, Johnson Lab

Sarah Gayer


Elements of the lean gut environment protect against severe atopic dermatitis in high fat diet-fed mice

Sarah Gayer, Vaibhav Upadhyay, Owen Jiang, ARum Yoo, Chihiro Tabuchi, Margaret Alexander, Christine Olson, Kyle Spitler, Connie Ha, Moriah Sandy, Laura Dwyer, Jessie Turnbaugh, Tiffany Scharschmidt, Peter Turnbaugh, Sagar Bapat


Andrew Ghazi


Quantifying Microbial Strain-Host Associations with ANPAN 

Andrew R. Ghazi, Yan Yan, Kelsey N. Thompson, Zhendong Mei, Amrisha Bhosle, Fenglei Wang, Kai Wang, Eric A. Franzosa, Curtis Huttenhower


Isabella Goodchild-Michelman


Investigating the Effects of Probiotic Treatment on the Gut Microbiome in Preterm Infants
Isabella (Izzy) Goodchild-Michelman , Shirin Moossavi, Marie-Claire Arrieta, Emily Mercer, Ali Zomorrodi


Amanda Graboski


Discovery and Characterization of a Gut Microbial Tryptophanase Inhibitor to Ameliorate Chronic Kidney Disease

Amanda L. Graboski1, Mark E. Kowalewski2, Joshua B. Simpson2, Matthew R. Redinbo2




Yordan Hodzhev

What does the ratio between blood bacterial and fungal microbiome abundance tell us about fungal-bacterial interactions?

Yordan Hodzhev, Borislava Tsafarova, Vladimir Tolchkov, Reni Kalfin, Stefan Panaiotov

Katie Hsia


Katie Hsia, Laleh Montaser Kouhsari, Khalid Algarrahi, May Fu, Naisi Zhao, Hannah Chen, Dominique Michaud, Sushrut Jangi


Jordan Jensen

Integrating reference- and assembly-based methods for improved viral identification from metagenomes, metatranscriptomes, and viromes

Jordan Jensen, Ya Wang, Moreno Zolfo, Philipp C. Münch, Nicola Segata, Eric A. Franzosa, Curtis Huttenhower


Shanlin Ke

Dissecting the Role of the Human Microbiome in COVID-19 via Metagenome-assembled Genomes

Shanlin Ke
, Scott T. Weiss, Yang-Yu Liu

Gavin Kuziel


Functional diversification of plant small molecules by the gut microbiome

Gavin A Kuziel, Gabriel L Lozano, John Manion, Corina Simian, Emmanuel Stephen-Victor, Talal Chatila, Min Dong, Jing-Ke Weng, Seth Rakoff-Nahoum



Abigail Lind



Genetic diversity of commensal Blastocystis gut protists reveals strain-specific changes in host-interfacing pathways

Abigail L. Lind, Ami S. Bhatt, Katherine S. Pollard


Steven Medina


The Harvard Chan Microbiome Collection Core

Steven Medina, Curtis Huttenhower


Mahsa Monshizadeh



Incorporating metabolic activity, taxonomy, and community structure to improve microbiome-based predictive models for host phenotype prediction

Mahsa Monshizadeh, Yuzhen Ye



Xochitl Morgan


The Harvard Chan Microbiome Analysis Core
Xochitl C. Morgan, Lauren J. McIver, Thomas Kuntz, Curtis Huttenhower

Jacob Nearing


Gut microbiome-metabolome interactions during ketogenic diets of varied composition
Jacob T. Nearing, Kelsey N Thompson, Amrisha Bhosle, Veronica Perdomo, William A. Nickols, Tobyn Branck, Christoph Brockel, Dayakar Badri, Curtis Huttenhower, Matthew Jackson

Etienne Nzabarushimana


The landscape of novel lateral gene transfer events in the human microbiome
Etienne Nzabarushimana, Tiffany Y. Hsu, Dennis Wong, Chengwei Luo, Robert G. Beiko, Morgan Langille, Curtis Huttenhower, Long H. Nguyen, Eric A. Franzosa

Diana Proctor



Candida auris and the great ESKAPE: the skin as a reservoir for multi-drug resistance and transmission

Diana M Proctor, Thomas Karl Atkins, Sarah E Sansom, Mary K Hayden, Julia A Segre



Chatpol (Jamie) Samuthpongtorn



Chatpol Samuthpongtorn, Allison Chan, Wenjie Ma, Fenglei Wang, Long H. Nguyen, Dong D. Wang, Olivia I. Okereke, Curtis Huttenhower, Andrew T. Chan, Raaj S. Mehta



Prioty Sarwar


HMO-metabolizing bacteria in the gut microbiome of infants with atopic dermatitis/eczema

Prioty Sarwar, Deniz Uzun, Vanja Klepac-Ceraj



Zeyang Shen



A genome catalog of the early-life human skin microbiome

Zeyang Shen, Pamela A. Frischmeyer-Guerrerio, VITALITY team, Julia A. Segre




Kelsey Thompson


Identifying strain-specific associations in colorectal cancer

Kelsey N. Thompson, Andrew Ghazi, Gianmarco Piccinno, Yan Yan, Andrew M. Thomas, Long H. Nguyen, Lior Lobel, Paolo Manghi, Lauren J. Mciver, Emma Accorsi, Eric A. Franzosa, Francesco Asnicar, Andrew T. Chan, Wendy S. Garrett, Nicola Segata, Curtis Huttenhower


A.Delphine Tripp



C. acnes phage predation in the healthy human skin microbiome

A. Delphine Tripp, Tami D. Lieberman


Emily Van Syoc



Mining metagenomes reveals gut mycobiome alterations with metformin and type 2 diabetes mellitus

Emily Van Syoc, Michelle Nixon, Justin D. Silverman, Connie J. Rogers, Frank Gonzalez, Luo Yuhong, Ilze Elbere, Janis Klovins, Andrew Patterson, and Erika Ganda



Ya Lea Wang



Scalable virome enrichment methods for community detection and quantification

Ya Wang, Jordan Jensen, Kelsey N. Thompson, Eric Franzosa, Seth Rakoff-Nahoum, Erica M. Hartmann,  Curtis Huttenhower 


An-Ni Zhang


CRISPR spacer acquisition is a rare event in human gut microbiome

Anni Zhang, Department of Biological Engineering, MIT

Yancong Zhang

Predicting functions of uncharacterized gene products in microbial communities

Yancong Zhang, Amrisha Bhosle, Sena Bae, Kelly Eckenrode, Xueying (Sonia) Huang, Jingjing Tang, Danylo Lavrentovich, Lana Awad, Ji Hua, Xochitl C. Morgan, Andy Krueger, Wendy S. Garrett1, Eric A. Franzosa, Curtis Huttenhower



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